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'Curiouser and curiouser' said Alice as she fell down the rabbit hole...and this is mine, a creative one. I'm moved to capture moments in photography and in sculpture when what is outside, evokes a drama of responding feelings in me. Moments of attunement and connection between me and the world, moments of meaning.

Based in Hertfordshire, my photographs have followed my feet through country and coastal landscapes,  the city morass, and into the studio. If there is a common theme its polarity: country and city grit; fine art and candid; romantic miasma and clear sighted structure;  it's just curious me that bridges the gap. In my blog about my photography, I wrap words around the images to try to express what I experienced when taking them. Wherever I am, my camera is a constant on my journeys.

In my sculpting, I have found a new meditation and, I realise,  a revealing vehicle for the projection and expression of some of my innermost feelings. It has been a joy to discover this medium, it is a joy to work directly with my hands on clay.

My sculpture will be for sale on a limited and individual basis, please contact me for further details. Please contact me directly if you wish to use any images for commercial purposes, they are licensed for personal use only.

I hope you enjoy the art as much as I enjoyed the moments making them.

Thank you,